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    Demonstration going on in Beijing, says the Nikkei:

    A demonstration was being held on the morning of 9 April in the western part of Beijing to call for boycotts of Japanese goods. The reasons given were opposition to Japan’s possible permanent membership in the UN Security Council and dissatisfaction with Japan’s history textbook approval system. Participants numbered in the several thousands, many of whom were shouting their criticisms. The organizers, who had called for participants over the Internet, had predicted that between 10,000 and 20,000 people would gather.

    Protesters have also named a disputed island chain–there are a lot of them in Asia–as an irritant. The area in which the demonstration is being conducted has a lot of places that deal in Japanese electronics.

    It’s up on Reuters, also.

    Added on 11 April: Simon, naturally, has a whole lot of links about the demonstrations, which were held across China. I was going to update this post, but he and his folks have pretty much got it covered.

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