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    Atsushi’s been working a lot of overtime the last four weeks. He always sounds tired, though he’s cheerful about it. He takes everything with a good grace–which only goes to prove that opposites do attract.

    Speaking of which, it’s the sixth anniversary of the opening of the bar where we were introduced. I’m representing our household, as it were, at the party tonight. Like a lot of gay bars here, it isn’t a pick-uppy place at all–more like a pub where you can meet your friends and talk and act the way you want. (It’s labeled 会員制 (kaiinsei: “members only”) outside the door, but that’s just to keep reveling straight people from blundering in and getting themselves all weirded out. You don’t actually need an introduction from someone who’s already a regular customer the way you do at many other Japanese gay places.) Atsushi and I know all the regulars, so I’ll be in for a lot of matey gibes about my ongoing work-widow status. Happily, I think there are two bank holiday weekends in October, so he might actually have a chance to recharge a little.

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