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    Should I be worried about the facility with which Eric can unravel truly loopy states of mind? Our junior senator in Pennsylvania kind of wigged this weekend:

    Santorum, a conservative Republican and usually a strong Bush ally, said the unpopularity of the war should be shared between the White House and the media.

    “Certainly, mistakes were made,” Santorum said of the war’s conduct. “But that’s a criticism you can make of every conflict.”

    “Terror is nothing more than a tactic,” Santorum said.

    He noted Bush recently redefined the conflict as a war on Islamic fundamentalists.

    Bush, however, used the “war on terror” moniker in his speech at Tobyhanna.

    I’ve always thought the designation “War on Terror” was silly-sounding. Perhaps it might have been better if the Bush administration had sat around for a few extra days, with ad hoc committees and posterboards and magic markers, and devised a better one. But it’s been around for years now, it’s basically serviceable at signalling that we’re fighting anyone who would resort to a particular unconscionable low, and we all know what it means. Making a dramatic point of dissing it makes you sound kind of lame.

    Eric writes:

    Santorum has my sympathy, as it must be tough facing a pro-life Democrat. But if he runs to the right of himself and Casey holds the center, I’m not sure there are enough Toomey-style voters to carry it for him.

    There don’t seem to be. While the hard right has its complaints about Bush, I’m not sure it’s going to see back-stabbing as the right approach. Those who aren’t so hard-right are likely to be even less receptive.

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    1. Eric Scheie says:

      Should you be worried?

      Only if you encourage me….


    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      My dear man, you don’t think I’m going to try to push you into being more normal? There’s plenty of that around already.

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