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    Somehow, it’s easier to read about this stuff in Japanese. Drains some of the sting away:

    On the night of 18 November, the lower house of the United States Congress voted down a resolution proclaiming that “it is necessary to end the stationing of US troops in Iraq immediately.” The vote proved to be wind in the sails for President Bush, who opposes immediate withdrawal, but both the Republican and Democratic parties are thinking ahead to next year’s midterm elections, and the haggling continued up to the final [vote].

    You know, if congressmen want to be arguing over the WOT, instead of taking potshots at each other over who’s a good Marine, how about looking into air security? Port security? Border security? Many of these characters have points of vulnerability right in the middle of their districts that their constituents–and by extension they–should be hopping mad about. On the other hand, I sincerely doubt that most of them are any better able to assess whether Iraq has stabilized enough to govern itself than the rest of us can.

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