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    The new movie about Japanese abductee Megumi Yokota looks to be an interesting treatment of her case. Next to Hitomi Soga, who gained fame as the wife of US Army deserter Charles Jenkins, Yokota is the abductee who’s received the most publicity. Her family has been very vocal in its demands that the Japanese government use all diplomatic means possible to find out what happened to her and the other abductees who are still unaccounted for. There’s been little development on the issue lately, but those who are interested in the push and pull over the last few years can click the category button below to see some of the news items that have appeared.

    2 Responses to “拉致”

    1. Robohobo says:

      Huh? Do tell! The NorK’s abducting Japanese schoolgirls? Why pray tell?

      BTW, that is an act of war. Unless there are other circumstances?

      I have long maintained that the likes of NorK should be dealt with but most of the world lacks the b-lls to do so. And why should the US be the police for the world? All it ever earns us is vilification. Nuts to that. Time to let the world clean itself up.

      One of those things makes you go, Hmm!

      The Hobo

    2. Not sure whether your question is facetious, there, dude, but the abductees were coerced into teaching Japanese language and culture to agents who were to be posted here. I don’t think there were any mitigating circumstances, exactly, but it wasn’t confirmed until a few years ago that the missing persons in question had been abducted by the DPRK. People do disappear without a trace for non-spy-thriller reasons, after all. North Korea only admitted to the abductions in 2002, and at that point diplomatic pressure seemed to be the best means of getting the surviving abductees repatriated and finding out what happened to those who are dead.

      The Megumi Yokota case is particularly poignant because of the way her poor parents have been jerked around. A few years ago, the DPRK sent a box of “her remains” to Japan that turned out not even to be all bones from the same person, for instance.

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