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    So–apparently, there’s this guy, right? And over the last ten years or so, he’s changed some of his social and political positions. He’s trying to persuade his fellow citizens, through argumentation, that his new positions are better.

    Where does he think he is–America or something?

    As usual when it comes to these things, Eric says most of what needs to be said. I will only add that I think my parents did me a disservice by teaching me a niggling, narrow little definition of hypocrisy. They gave me to understand–those fuddy-duddies–that in order to be a hypocrite, you had to act in ways that were inconsistent with beliefs you purported to hold right now.

    But if we expand that definition, we can have all sorts of self-righteous fun by pointing out that the way someone lives now conflicts with the way he lived years ago. After all, no one ever sincerely changes his mind about important issues as he ages. Especially not in a free society where we all have access to lots of information and are taught to think for ourselves.

    I suppose it might be just possible to accuse Matt Sanchez of being hypocritical if it were proved that, say, he was still earning income from movies he made despite being down on the adult film industry. Even that’s tenuous, though; the guy’s not a vociferous anti-porn crusader, to my knowledge. He just thinks it’s an exploitative business, and he’s glad his time in it’s behind him. It would be lame of him to be mewling about invasions of his privacy, considering the nature of the work he did, but he doesn’t seem to be doing that, either. What exactly do these people in hysterics think he would need to do to reclaim his integrity–contribute a few hundred grand to Ken Ryker’s retirement fund?

    Way to underscore the point that gays are reasonable adults, guys.

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