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    It’s always comforting when people working for the public good exhibit resourcefulness.

    Unless they’re cheating. The Mainichi reports that a fireman in Aichi Prefecture, unsatisfied with the number of fires and attendant chances to demonstrate heroism, started lighting his own:

    Since about November last year, Okazaki and neighboring Toyokawa have been the sites of around 40 forest fires all started under suspicious circumstances.

    Umemura had been a member of his local fire brigade since April 2003. Of the roughly 40 fires believed to have resulted from arson, Umemura went out to fight the fire on 18 occasions.

    Police said after Uemura set the fires using his cigarette and match contraption, he would return to his home then go back to the scene of the blaze and help put it out.

    But police began to suspect something was amiss when Umemura kept finding the device that had caused the blazes and called him in for questioning, where he admitted to setting the fires.

    The article in the Japanese edition further states that he wrote about the fires on his blog–not that he was a dummy and revealed his role in starting them, but that he described the occurrence of the fires and his participation in putting out and investigating them.

    There’s also this item in the Asahi, which begins, most comfortingly, as follows:

    The recent case of university physicians cheating on their qualifications for certification exams was not an isolated incident.

    Six physicians at Tokyo Medical University were also punished last year by a medical society for forging treatment papers needed to qualify for an internist certification exam, sources said Friday.

    The revelation follows the case at Showa University’s School of Medicine, in which five doctors were found to have padded treatment records to qualify for an internist certification exam.

    The doctors in question padded their own treatment records with files on patients actually treated in a different department.

    2 Responses to “率先力”

    1. Zak says:

      Apparently it’s not uncommon for firemen to start fires, and not just in Japan. One of those bizarre quirks of human nature….

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      A lot of professions like that seem to attract people with an unbalanced need for drama–think of all the wacko nurses you hear about.

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