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    Another homicide in Japan by a mentally disturbed person in a high-traffic public place:

    Police are questioning an 18-year-old boy over the death of a stranger who was pushed in front of an approaching train at JR Okayama Station late Tuesday night.

    Kariya, a prefectural government worker from Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture, fell on the tracks of the Sanyo Line and was hit by a train bound for Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture.

    Kariya died about five hours later of shock caused by blood loss.

    “I thought that if I killed somebody, I could go to prison. It didn’t matter who it was,” police quoted the boy as saying. They added that the suspect did not appear to know Kariya.

    Police initially arrested the boy on suspicion of attempted murder. They will seek murder charges now that Kariya has died.

    Police quoted the boy as saying that he had gone to the station “hoping to stab someone.”

    Investigators found a kitchen knife with a 12-centimeter blade inside a shoulder bag the boy was carrying.

    Not much more in the Japanese reports, such as this one at the Mainichi.

    There are also reports that the 24-year-old who stabbed eight people in Ibaraki Prefecture over the weekend had well-known issues with controlling his temper:

    Senior investigative officers said they gasped after seeing the word “death” written in red on the wall of his room. The door of the room, which had several fist-sized dents in it, was skewed, the officers said.

    An 18-year-old man, who was at a game center near his home, said he had seen Kanagawa play fighting video games several times and that Kanagawa would pound the game machine or kick chairs when he lost or had not done well.

    Another man said that since Kanagawa blew up over trivial matters, he was careful when he talked to him.

    According to the investigators, when Kanagawa was a high school student, he was said to have often pounded or kicked things when he was under a lot of stress.

    Earlier in the month, Kanagawa had e-mailed from his current mobile phone to an old one such messages as “What I do is what counts,” “I’m God,” and “I want to finish myself,” the officers said.

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