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    Surprise! Possible copycat-criminal-in-the-making in Japan. He was (fortunately) thwarted by the police before he could slice anyone up in Akihabara:

    One of the officers suffered slight injuries when he arrested the man for obstructing officers from performing their official duties. The man, who is about 170 centimeters tall and was wearing a black jacket and navy blue jeans, remained silent during questioning.

    The scene is located about 60 meters north of an intersection where a deadly stabbing rampage occurred on June 8.

    At around 1:25 p.m. on Thursday, the two officers spoke to the man who was walking on a sidewalk on the Chuo Dori street in Chiyoda-ku in a bid to question him when they found a knife in his rucksack, local police said. A 31-year-old senior officer immediately took away the knife from him.

    The officers put him into a police car for questioning when he suddenly grabbed his knife back from the senior officer and escaped from the vehicle. The officer chased him for about three meters and overpowered him.

    A black jacket in Tokyo at 1 p.m. this time of year? Guy must be nuts.

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