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    You’ve already been told to watch this, haven’t you? I think Jon Stewart’s often very funny, but on this particular topic, what Bill Whittle says in response to his statements–which are not only not funny but positively monstrous–cannot be repeated enough. Note that, unless I missed it, he was able to make his case without even mentioning Unit 731 or anything else about the kempeitai, either. He also doesn’t mention, regarding the charge that America was just trying to show the Soviet Union who’s boss, that it was Japan that had decided it was a good idea to start playing the Soviets off the United States in the first place. (I’m not saying his argument is therefore flawed, only that he hasn’t exhausted the material he could have used to support it.)

    I adore Japan. I happily took a degree in Japanese literature, and I loved every minute of the eleven years I lived in Tokyo; while I’m very happy to be home, there are many things I miss about it. I work in an all-Japanese office (except for me, obviously). I’m glad we’re strategic and military partners now.

    But now is not then. War with an implacable enemy requires tough choices, and I’m glad our grandfathers made saving their own people the top priority.

    Added later: Whittle also has a blog post with quite a few good comments, including one by Connie du Toit that recommends an episode from the documentary The World at War, which you may remember from when it was broadcast on television.

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