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    Well, I can stop worrying about all my dear friends in Japan—the UNSC has drafted another resolution telling the DPRK that it’s naughty-naughty to be playing with plutonium (Japanese version at the Nikkei here):

    The latest U.N. action is expected to spark a reaction from North Korea as in the case of a presidential statement issued by the Security Council on April 13 condemning North Korea’s April 5 rocket launch.

    A draft outlined last week by the United States contained a requirement for all U.N. members to inspect North Korean cargo if it was suspected of carrying nuclear or missile-related items.

    But China had rejected the proposal, urging the six other countries to weaken the wording on cargo inspections and maintaining that mandatory inspections of North Korean cargo would lead to military conflict, the sources said.

    Effectively implementing the inspection of North Korean cargo was one of the measures the Security Council contemplated as a way to enforce Resolution 1718 in response to Pyongyang’s latest nuclear test.

    The resolution, adopted in October 2006 after North Korea’s first nuclear test, states all U.N. members are ”called upon” to take ”cooperative action including thorough inspection of cargo to and from” North Korea.

    Following Pyongyang’s second nuclear test, Japan and the United States had insisted that a new resolution include a phrase making cargo inspections by U.N. members mandatory rather than ”calling upon” them to cooperate.

    Okay, little man, that’s it! It’s a time-out for you.

    4 Responses to “安保理の決議案”

    1. James says:

      The world will appease little Kim until the runt explodes one of these on their brothers in the south. It is the way of the psychopath and the ego of an narcissist that demands exclusive respect be given over to them. The countries of the world are the source of the narcissists power. Reject him and he will make you suffer. Destroy him and you will restore the balance of sanity.

      This game has gone on too long and now Kim has the glow toy. If the Obama administration does not play hardball with nations of this ilk, they will soon find the spiral of proliferation of nuclear weapons spiraling out of control.

    2. Sean says:

      James, yeah, there are a lot of dropped balls here. It’s completely understandable why even politicians with the best intentions feel pulled in two different directions. On the one hand, you have a regime that doesn’t scruple to starve its own people in the process of warding off market liberalization. On the other hand, you can’t go around toppling governments at will and leaving not just their own citizens but the rest of the regions to deal with the (ahem) fallout. The blockade strikes me as possibly the best option at the moment, though even Japan isn’t always successful at keeping its companies from circumventing it.

      The part that drives me berserk is when people pretend that the UNSC is actually doing anything by passing resolutions. (And the one currently under discussion is just proposed; it hasn’t been adopted yet.) Legislative bodies pass condemnations or commendations to show good will all the time; the generation of resolutions doesn’t bother me, really. It’s the illusion that they do something. The best we can hope for is that the WPK implodes, and China and the ROK just have to suck it up when the refugees start coming. But if the worst happens, it’s approximately 100% certain that the U.S. is going to have to do the heavy military lifting. And you’re right about spiraling out of control–the DPRK is known to have collaborated with Iran and, I think, Syria, and has been rumored for years to have been looking to sell nuclear tech to any takers, given the basket case that is its economy. A sad and frightening situation all around.

      Rondi, I hadn’t seen that, but LOL!

    3. James says:


      It looks if we have some idiots running the country. Where is Forest Gump when you need him?

      Forest, Forest, where are you…………………………….

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