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    It’s now 2010 in Tokyo, and Atsushi just sent me my first New Year’s greeting. So while it’s anticipatory for those west of Japan, Happy New Year! Best for the next twelve months and the coming ten years. (Yes, dear pedants, the end of the decade is technically a year away, but most of us see the changing of the tens digit as the significant transition.) Lots to complain about these last ten years no matter what your political persuasion, eh? And yet…what a wonderful world we live in! I’ll be spending the run-up to countdown time with friends—safely removed from Times Square, you may be sure—but for now I’m in my apartment gearing up to run a few errands. The evergreens out the kitchen window are dusted with snow and shivering, but boiling-hot water comes out of the tap at will and whistles through the 1940s radiator in the living room. (I’m in a T-shirt and thin silk pajama bottoms.) I’m watching the Alfred Hitchcock collection my little brother gave me for Christmas—fourteen movies in a case the size of a football—and typing this on a machine that will send it to parts unknown as soon as I hit the “Publish” button. Such riches our ancestors have stored up for us, which enterprising people are still building on. Well, until our confiscatory tax system gets ’em.

    Oh, come on—don’t make that face. If you don’t want dyspeptic cracks about big government, even in a holiday post, why are you reading a blog written by a libertarian? Do you have any idea how much effort it takes to preserve my good humor about these things nowadays, even with the bottle of Scotch I got in my stocking?

    Anyway, there’s plenty of time to return to pushing grimly back against nanny-state-ism in January. For now, safe travels to everyone, enjoy your champagne, and here’s to an even freer, even more prosperous, even happier 2010s.

    Added later: Eric has a more detailed post up about what it was like to be a libertarian (of a particular stripe) in the 2000s.

    2 Responses to “アケオメ!”

    1. Eric Scheie says:

      Thanks for the link Sean.

      And a very happy new year to you!

    2. Sean says:

      You’re welcome, Eric. And Happy New Year to you, too.

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