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    I thought I’d have a chance to post something yesterday after responding briefly to Julie’s last comment, but I didn’t, so this is the day after the Pearl Harbor Anniversary.

    Japan attacked us, banking on, among other things, America’s willingness to let it keep most of the territory it had then colonized. It was our grandparents’ job to beat Japan, and they did it. Decisively. I’m glad we’re allies now, but I’m also glad America did what it had to to win then.

    4 Responses to “真珠湾”

    1. Sarah says:

      You know, it used to be a literary — and for my childhood, a real life — trope that great friendships started in great fights. (The Three Musketeers, for instance. Also, my longest lasting friendship.) Seems to work for some countries, too.

    2. Leslie says:

      Reminds me of the scene in Victor–Victoria where the James Garner character goes into a bar looking for a fight, gets one, and then ends up singing drunkenly for hours with his arms around the guys he fought, all of them decorated with black eyes and mussed hair.

    3. Sarah says:


      That’s kind of the spirit of it. Old literary device. Now, whether it works in real life, I don’t know, but it works in elementary school.

    4. David Perry says:

      Frankly, it’s probably a good thing for the *Japanese* that we beat them. Sooner or later, they would have gone up against the Soviets or the Nazis or someone who would have been a lot harder on them than we were.

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