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    Since it’s still (narrowly) Sunday where my own mother is, I think I can scrape by and still not feel late in saying, “Happy Mothers Day, mothers!” She and I just spent a happy half-hour discussing the trials and tribulations of moving into a Tokyo apartment. She reacted with proper Middle-American horror to the information that cold-water kitchen and bathroom sinks were still standard here until a decade or two ago (“Didn’t I ever tell you that before in the last ten years, Mom?”) and was relieved that my new place is hygiene-enabled.

    She was probably slightly worried about the throw pillows–I’m looking for this particular shade of poison-green raw silk, see? Not chartreuse…yellower and a little more intense. Kind of like danger yellow with green highlights…without actually being iridescent. It’s one of those things you can see in your head, and it just maddens you when you’ve gone to every department store and shop you know and no one can give you the poison-green raw silk you want. ERGGGH. The problem has now gone global, with friends in Bangkok, New York, and San Francisco having promised to keep an eye out for me.

    Anyway, hope it a was a good weekend for everyone.

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    1. John says:

      My wife and I spent it playing catch outdoors while the kids acted as a self-propelled, mobile obstacle course.

    2. Well, that’s how you and your wife develop hand-eye coordination, right? Glad the kids are bringing you up properly.

    3. Ed Whatley says:

      I read your blog with pleasure from time to time, it seems one of the most interesting about Japan.

      Re the fabric, have you had a look around Nishi-Nippori? It might be worth a try if you having people make a worldwide search. It has a huge fabric district and might have what you are looking for.

      Best regards, Ed

    4. Thanks for the praise and the advice. I’m still looking around, but I haven’t looked at Nishi-Nippori. Right now there’s a lot else going on. : )

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