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    Via Instapundit, this collection of headlines about the NHS in the UK. I’m not sure what they’re supposed to show about how worried we Yanks should be, though. Take this one: “Did hospital pull plug on mother to save cash?”


    Everyone knows that President Obama only promised not to “pull the plug on Grandma.” Who’s worried about Mother? That old bag can fend for herself—she’s still feisty.

    2 Responses to “親孝行”

    1. Probably not a good idea to take too much notice of the Daily Mail. As well as the headlines they’re famous for – “Hurrah for the blackshirts” (that was a while back, admittedly) and “Abortion hope after ‘gay genes’ finding” – they’ve been involved in some nasty unfounded campaigns scaring people about vaccinations that stopped parents vaccinating their kids when they should have. Sold lots of papers, killed some babies.

    2. I know at least a little about the UK papers, Ed, which is why I took the tongue-in-cheek approach. Well, that and the fact that there were nothing but headlines reproduced at the site. (It might be pointed out that, at least in the States, the vaccination scares weren’t just fueled by right-wingers.) BTW, how the hell are you?

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