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    Typhoon 17 is headed toward Kanto (Chiba Prefecture at the moment), and the JMA is warning that we may get heavy rains starting tonight or tomorrow. It’s just off the Izu Islands right now, with top wind speeds of around 90 mph, but the storm itself is running basically parallel to Honshu, so it won’t actually make landfall.

    Of course, that’s nothing compared with what Hurricane Rita is threatening to do to eastern Texas and western Louisiana. CNN’s coverage this go-round is a scene I cannot make, so I’m generally going by on-line sources. Hope everyone stays safe.

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    1. Joel says:

      Well, it proved a great day for us to go do a visit to Lake Chuzenji during my last weekend in Japan for 6 months. Nice view of the fog. Couldn’t see Kegon Falls at all, but could hear it real well. And still, the highways were crowded, not just all the way through Nikko, but down the remaining hairpin turns of the 48 “iroha” curves. At least we remembered to dress a little warmer than usual and to take and use our umbrellas. (I was afraid that tomorrow might be even worse–and it sure enough looks as if it will.)

    2. Well, don’t get washed away. It’s kind of chilly here, too–you could actually wear a long-sleeved linen shirt without getting heatstroke today. It looks as if the storm has turned to the east, so we won’t be getting the several days of drenching they were thinking we might; hope the weather doesn’t affect your flight out.

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