That was the headline on a message I got yesterday. It means, loosely, "Word is our Kylie has breast cancer!" And, indeed, it appears she does (the first report I saw was at Michael's). Luckily, it was diagnosed early, and Kylie takes care of herself and can obviously get the best available treatments.

As a British friend and I were discussing last night, Kylie is one of those stars who get such deep affection because she hasn't forgotten how to work first and foremost to entertain her fans. She doesn't write "confessional" lyrics in which she works out her spoiled-celeb neuroses, or use every interview to complain that she has deep, dark psychological recesses that people don't understand. Given the way pop and dance fans have been beaten with the diva-complex sledgehammer for the last quarter-century, it's touching to have at least one superstar who still seems to enjoy--in a forthright, good-natured way--the sheer fun of dressing up in spangly costumes, dancing around with a bunch of buffed-up guys, and singing a catchy tune. To the good wishes already expressed by millions of her other fans, let me add my own.


Naturally, Ghost of a Flea has already posted about this. His entry is brief, but I'd be remiss if I mentioned Kylie without linking to Flea.
Posted by Sean on 2005-05-18 00:04:25
Michael (mail) (www):
I was scared for Nick Packwood when I saw this news. I thought "Ghost of a Flea" would go dark until she was cured.
5.18.2005 10:37am
Sean Kinsell (mail) (www):
I kind of thought about sending him a message, but then I was like, get a grip on yourself, sweetie--it's not a death watch. I made sure to listen to Impossible Princess today, though, as a vague sort of plea to the elements.
5.18.2005 11:09am